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ImaIma Member Posts: 3


I just tested the vibrationdata Toolbox and it seems very interesting. Unfortunately some points are still tough for me, for example how to plot two curves on same window (as shown in the "flick vs punch" example).

Do you have a more detailed Tutorial on this software?



  • Stephen HanlyStephen Hanly Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 63 admin

    Hi Ima,

    Thank you for the question, you are right - we need to do a webinar and record that! I'll email you privately in the meantime to see if we can setup a time to share a screen and I can go through some of the functionality.

    I attached a photo below showing how to generate a plot with two different curves. You need to navigate to the "miscellaneous functions" area, and select "Plot Utilities." Then another dialog box will appear where you should select "Multiple Curves." In here it should be pretty self-explanatory - but there is a lot of different ways to get lost in the software!

    You'll also notice for the application you cited that the time scales were off so I had to make that adjustment.

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