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Vibration data from a dog walking & sprinting

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This is our first segment of Guess the Vibe of a test with a S2-D40D200 attached to my dog Barney's harness.

Original Video

Answer Video (detailed analysis)

Guess the Vibe during Sprinting

The main area of focus was the portion that he was sprinting we captured on the camera. Believe it or not he hit a ~75g peak for one of his strides! The rate of his strides was apparently at around 3.5 Hz with a second harmonic at 7 Hz.

Vibration of Regular Stride or Walk

I was also interested to see what the data looked like while just walking at a consistent clip. Here the peak acceleration levels are around 1.5g and have a very steady frequency of 2.4 Hz (with the second harmonic at 4.7).

Overview of Entire Walk

The walk started with the following stages:

  • Turning the sensor on after putting on his leash
  • Followed immediately by an excited shake from Barney
  • Then I got sidetracked on my way out the door and had a conversation with someone
  • Then I got outside and walked in one direction for a while, and around a building and back
  • Once back inside I took him over to the front and let him off the leash to go sprint into the kitchen


I think the light data is pretty interesting to show clearly inside vs outside.


Then the orientation sensor is also pretty interesting to see it recognize I turned around. We need to do some work to help visualize this data...

Temperature, Pressure, Humidity


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