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Vibration Frequency

PetePete Member Posts: 4

Hi guys,

I am using Slam stick C and endaq software. Is there any way I can view frequency vs time plot? I want to get an median vibration frequency for the time period.


  • Stephen HanlyStephen Hanly Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 63 admin

    Yep! That's called a spectrogram which will give you a 3D plot of frequency over time, with different color bands representing different strengths of the frequency components.

    Here's another discussion I posted with some example data and a spectrogram generated with the Analyzer.

    Here's a support article that shows where you can generate a spectrogram. Just note that there needs to be enough data for this to generate.

    Hope this helps!

  • PetePete Member Posts: 4
    edited August 2019

    This is what I needed! Thank you Stephen.

  • OlinOvidOlinOvid Member Posts: 1

    Hi...the problem with being cryptic is that few, if any, people have any idea what you are talking about or why. If you have a question to ask it is always far better to ask it clearly and explain. If you are planning to explain 'later', most of us will sit back and wait for the explanation.

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