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Conversion of IDE-files

LinderydLinderyd Member Posts: 3


I'm using Matlab for all my analyzes of vibration data from both SlamSticks and other data. I would prefer to have a common work flow between methods.

As I collect multiple other data during the test I do distinguish the different tests with different folders; hence reducing the usability of the batch tools.

It would really help me if you could supply Matlab code that read the IDE file directly into Matlab. Is this something you have, or plan to distribute?

Best Regards




  • Stephen HanlyStephen Hanly Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 63 admin

    Thanks for reaching out Henrik,

    We have some code on how to directly load into MATLAB but it still requires an initial conversion. You have two options:

    Command Line Convert to MAT
    This is what I'd recommend. You can use this executable to programmatically (from MATLAB, Python, command line etc.) convert IDE files to MAT or CSV. Here's the link: https://support.endaq.com/article/151-exporting-and-converting-data#exec

    Analyzer Software
    Your other option is to use the Analyzer software which is written in MATLAB. You'll need to initially convert the file still with the UI (https://support.endaq.com/article/180-converting-ide-data-to-matlab) then there is an article here with some example scripts that shows how to open and analyze this data directly in MATLAB: https://support.endaq.com/article/181-matlab-scripting

    Hope this helps!

  • LinderydLinderyd Member Posts: 3

    Thanks Stephen,

    What you give me is what I already know, and what I do not want to use. Using exe-files is basically forbidden in our IT-system. I've managed to do the converting on a stand alone computer so far. And it works fine to manipulate the .MAT-files later. I have a work flow that works, but I prefer to do it even more stream lined, not moving files around.

    If you in the future release Matlab code to read IDE directly, I will be the first to use it. :smile:


  • Stephen HanlyStephen Hanly Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 63 admin

    I understand now Henrik, sorry for the initial confusion!

    I agree, reading the IDE file directly into MATLAB without needing any other executables would be ideal. Our current Analyzer software is able to do this but only because it executes a Python script to do some of the parsing of the IDE file. I've added this request to our queue though to publish the raw MATLAB code in the Analyzer that opens and converts an IDE file, just keep in mind this still requires Python installed in your computer to call and run some of the parsing library.

  • LinderydLinderyd Member Posts: 3

    That would be great! Thanks! :)


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