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Welcome to the Community!

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Welcome to the enDAQ Community!


Before we get into how to use the community, let's quickly touch on what we want this community for. This community is for sharing! We want users to share cool applications and data they've done tests in, share analysis scripts they've developed, share test reports and lessons learned. We don't want this community for support for our products, if you have a question on how to do something - ask us!

We will also use this forum to help get feedback and engage with folks on how to improve our product line. You'll see posts with polls on development opportunities we're considering and if you think that will provide any value to you. We also welcome you to post your own development ideas you'd like us to consider!

Getting Started

To get started, have a quick search through some posts and check out our categories and tags. Then, when ready, click the icon in the top right to create an account. Then share with us some knowledge or experience you have on testing and analysis!

Looking forward to chatting with you soon and reading what you've got to share!

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