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Smaller and Lower-Cost Recorder

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Smaller and Lower-Cost Recorder


Develop a recorder that only utilizes digital sensors to enable a reduction in size and cost.


The current recorders have largely been developed to support the higher-end sensors we use that have analog outputs and larger physical sizes. Not every application requires these sensors, however, so we are planning a development of a recorder that uses the smaller and lower cost sensors that will be a more direct competitor to the MSR175. These will also include firmware for event-detection to reduce power and storage needs.


  • Target a 1"x1"x0.5" size
  • Two accelerometers for vibration and shock, plus many environmental sensors
  • Summarize data to options including max, min, average, RMS levels of each channel
  • Nice-to-have, a replaceable primary cell battery

Cost to the Customer

There will ideally be two versions that come out of this development, both small, but different sensor and feature packages. One will have a tentative price point of $600 at quantity 1, the other $1,000. Like the other products, they will have volume discounts.

Example Use Cases

  1. Shipping logger: A museum is shipping sensitive art that they would like to ensure is handled properly. They don't need all the raw data, just peak events and when they occured to then correlate this to who was in possession of the package at that time and potentially responsible for the damage.

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