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Event-Based Firmware

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Event-Based Firmware


Develop firmware to do onboard processing of recorded data to only save information of interest. This will extend battery life and reduce storage and post-processing needs.


The current recorders have triggering to record events but they record all the data continuously. Some applications just need to know that there was an event and some details of the event, not all the raw data. This is especially true in many shipment tracking applications. Firmware development is needed to do some onboard processing to save event summary information such as RMS vibration, max/min, temperature etc. This development can extend battery life, reduce storage and post-processing needs and will become especially useful once we have wireless communication.


  • Configurable item in software to do event-based recordings
  • Summarize data to options including max, min, average, RMS levels of each channel
  • Nice-to-have, compute an FFT in real time and save FFT peaks

Cost to the Customer

This will be a firmware option and therefore not have any direct cost to the customer.

Example Use Cases

  1. Shipping logger: A museum is shipping sensitive art that they would like to ensure is handled properly. They don't need all the raw data, just peak events and when they occured to then correlate this to who was in possession of the package at that time and potentially responsible for the damage.

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