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Waterproof & Magnetic Accessory

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Larger Battery


Develop a waterproof accessory case that can reduce the size and weight of the current one.


The current waterproof accessory design, although robust, is quite large. A development that results in a polycarbonate mold for the top and a simple aluminum base and an o-ring can accomplish the same sealing ability with less mass and size.

The development can also be utilized to include magnetic mounting accessories and a strain-relief for the USB cable when plugged in (this wouldn't allow for the polycarbonate top when in use).


  • IP68 required
  • Small size and weight


One product:

  • Waterproof mounting accessory with magnetic mounting options included

Cost to the Customer

The same cost as our current waterproof case: $500.

Example Use Cases

  1. Long-term outdoor test: An engineering team is designing a light structure that mounts to the underside of a bridge. This bridge supports a commuter train and as it passes overhead some vibrations are imparted on the lights. Prototypes have not survived over long periods of time and the engineering team suspects that vibrations from the train are damaging the lights. They would like to quantify the vibrations caused by the train over a week of operation (account for different commuter schedules and weather) and then use this data to design a better fixture to support the lights. This data will also be used to simulate the environment for internal testing.
  2. Shipping logger: A defense contractor has developed an expensive radar system that needs to be transported from the manufacturing site to the installation site. This shipment can take several days up to several weeks depending on the destination. This system is sensitive to very fine vibrations (<5g) and the engineering team has developed isolation structures to protect the system; but they need to prove to the end customer that the system has not been damaged during shipment. Traditional "shock loggers" will be ineffective due to the data quality needs.

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